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Our Philosophy

We want to make sure that the future generation of cyber security professionals has all of the knowledge and abilities they need to be able to handle the problems that they will face in the workplace by teaching them and providing them with the tools they need. A full awareness of best practices, which is required to pass certification exams, is another area in which we prepare our clients. This enables them to defend information systems against malicious attacks.

About our Training Philosophy

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The delivery of educational material to a large and varied audience in a timely and efficient manner can be accomplished through the use of online multi-modal training. Companies are able to deliver comprehensive training to their employees by utilizing a combination of audio, video, and text-based instruction. This allows the organizations to do away with the need for costly in-person sessions as well as expensive specialized equipment. In addition, learners have access to versatile alternatives that allow them to access the content from nearly any location at any time when they participate in online multi-modal training.

Learners can have access to high-quality educational experiences that stimulate several senses at the same time when those experiences are delivered through multi-modal training, which has the potential to drastically cut the costs associated with traditional learning delivery techniques. Additionally, when courses are built with adaptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, they are able to be adapted to the educational requirements of each individual student at a rate that is much faster than was previously possible. By providing their employees with meaningful lessons that are tailored to their specific job tasks and the general performance goals of the organization, businesses are able to ensure that their employees receive meaningful teaching.

When taken as a whole, online, multi-modal training provides businesses with the opportunity to develop innovative learning solutions that reduce costs while simultaneously increasing effectiveness. These solutions also produce students who are more engaged and attentive, as well as those who are better prepared for future challenges in the workplace.

About our Founder

Jim Broad, a seasoned practitioner in the field of cybersecurity, recognized a critical requirement within the sector, which was to train qualified professionals. In response to this, he established Cyber-Recon, a company devoted to the provision of training at no cost or at a very cheap cost to people who are already working in this fast-paced industry as well as those who wish to enter it. Jim leaned on his experience accumulated over the course of more than three decades while putting together a group that consisted entirely of specialists in technology and safety in order to maximize the likelihood that his vision would be effectively implemented.

Jim Broad

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