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CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) Training

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Course Description

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Course Features:

  • On-demand interactive videos
  • Topic assignments to reinforce training
  • Online flashcards improve retention
  • Quizzes validate training
  • End of course certificate proves competency  
  • Study Aids and Handouts

Key concepts covered include:

  • IT Concepts and Terminology
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications and Software
  • Software Development
  • Database Fundamentals
  • Security 

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Course Topics


  • Compare and Contrast Notational Systems
  • Compare and Contrast Fundamentals Data Types and Their Characteristics
  • Illustrate the Basics of Computing and Processing
  • Explain the Value of Data and Information
  • Compare and Contrast Common Units of Measure
  • Explain the Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Classify Common Types of Input/Output Device Interfaces
  • Given a Scenario, Set Up and Install Common Peripheral Devices to a Laptop/PC
  • Explain the Purpose of Common Internal Computing Components
  • Compare and Contrast Common Internet Service Types
  • Compare and Contrast Storage types
  • Compare and Contrast Common Computing Devices and Their Purposes
  • Explain Basic Networking Concepts
  • Given a Scenario, Install, Configure and Secure a Basic Wireless Network
  • Explain the Purpose of Operating Systems
  • Compare and Contrast Components of An Operating System
  • Explain the Purpose and Proper Use of Software
  • Explain Methods of Application Architecture and Delivery Models
  • Given a Scenario, Configure and Use Web Browsers
  • Compare and Contrast General Application Concepts and Uses
  • Compare and Contrast Programming Language Categories
  • Given a Scenario, Use Programming Organizational Techniques and Interpret Logic
  • Explain the Purpose and Use of Programming Concepts
  • Explain Database Concepts and the Purpose of a Database
  • Compare and Contrast Various Database Structures
  • Summarize Methods Used to Interface with Databases
  • Summarize Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability Concerns
  • Explain Methods to Secure Devices and Best Practices
  • Summarize Behavioral Security Concepts
  • Compare and Contrast Authentication, Authorization, Accounting and Non-Repudiation Concepts
  • Explain Password Best Practices
  • Explain Common Uses of Encryption
  • Explain Business Continuity Concepts

Course Content

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