RMF Step 1 Preview

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The RMF Step 1 preview introduces the RMF lab to potential students by providing full access to the Cyber-Recon multimodal RMF Lab.
These features include:

  • Multimodal Instruction
  • Learning Games
  • Learning Interactions
  • Video Instruction
  • Practice Quizzes (for CAP Certification)
  • Updated RMF Book
  • Updated Lab Guide
  • Hands-On Experience in a Simulated Live Environment
  • Gamification

The Cyber-Recon RMF Lab Step 1 Preview introduces the advanced features of the RMF Lab by allowing full access to the resources that support multi-modal training in introducing and explaining the tasks in step 1 of the Risk Management Framework (RMF) and  prepares the student for those questions in the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP)® examination.

The Step 1 Preview covers the following topics and tasks.

Categorization of Information Systems

  1. Categorize the system
  2. Describe the information system (including the security authorization boundaries)
  3. Register the system

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