The Risk Management Framework (RMF) Virtual Lab (RMF Lab) is a comprehensive environment that allows students to complete all of the tasks in the risk management framework (RMF) using a simulated organizational structure. This environment allows students to evaluate system documentation for completeness and accuracy while progressing through the steps in the RMF.
Exposure to communications between various stakeholders in the organization as they develop information systems allows a student to see firsthand how the RMF can assist in reducing organizational costs and system development timelines by using a framework that is both repeatable and flexible.
Students will use resources in RMF Lab to complete every task in the six steps of the RMF. Simulated software environments will allow students to work with some of the common tools used by security professionals in both corporate and government environments today.
Student will see the benefits of using the RMF at the organizational level as well as at the system level. At the organizational level students will determine organizational variables, common control sets, and more. At the system level students will work with existing system documentation to process a system through each of the steps of the RMF including gaining authorization.

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