Risk Management Framework (RMF) 2.0 and Certified Accreditation Professional (CAP) Training

Learn the steps of the new Risk Management Framework 2.0.  Learn all of the tasks and steps of RMF 2.0.

This Course Covers All 7 Steps of the RMF and More

Prepare Step

Learn what the organization & the system owner do to prepare for the RMF


Implement Step

Document the implementation of the required security controls

Monitor Step

Monitor the ongoing state of security controls

Categorize Step

Understand how information and systems are categorized

Assess Step

Assess the implemented controls

Risk Overview

develop an understanding of system and enterprise risk management

Select Step

Learn ho to select and tailor security control baselines

Authorize Step

Assess risk and make authorization decisions

Test Taking Prep

Learn test taking strategies and skills

Blended Training Helps Reinforce Learning


Topic and Lesson Quizzes

Prove Your Knowledge by Answering Questions

Interactive Videos

Questions Appear In Videos.

Flip Cards

Answer Questions About Module Topics


Worksheets Help Identify Key Topics In Videos

Word Search

Find The Words To Reinforce Vocabulary

Hands On Labs

Lab Exercises in Many Modules Provide Hands-On Experience

Once enrolled in the course you will have access to all of the RMF & CAP course materials for a full six months. If you need an extension on time we can work that out too.

You will have access to all of the “normal” videos that are on our YouTube channel, but also special interactive videos that test your knowledge as you learn, flip cards to test knowledge, Wordsearch games to reinforce vocabulary, quizzes that prove knowledge, course handouts and resources, and if you finish the course and all quizzes (with passing scores) you will also get a certificate that proves you have completed the training.

Learn The RMF 2.0 From The Ground Up