Cyber Security Trivia Night!

Our next FREE Cyber Security Trivia night will be November 19th, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.  

You will be able to log in to the Socrative tool  and our YouTube channel ( at about 6:45, then the fun will start at 7:00 PM.  This cyber-security trivia challenge lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and is open to anyone that would like to play.  Watch the YouTube Live Stream and answer questions on Socrative.

Everyone in our security family and anyone that wants to be part of that family is invited to participate in our next Trivia Night, on November 19th.  Please check the page for the latest news about the next event and the latest news.

To keep score we use a cool free application called Socrative.  The Socrative Tool is an awesome application for fun, effective engagement, and on-the-fly assessments.  This tool allows you to answer the questions from the YouTube Live Stream in a web browser or on your Android or Apple device. The free Socrative application can be found in the Google Store or the Apple App Store.

To log in all you need to provide is the room name and your name, the best part is you will not need to provide any personal information at all.  You will not need a Socrative account to play, just log in below or use the mobile app.  The Room Name is CYBERRECON (Note there is no hyphen in the name).

Join us on November 19th from 7:00 to about 8:00/8:30 PM Eastern Time for a great time!

Gameplay and Rules

Pre-competition Information:

The Live Stream Starts at 6:45 (this is where you can start "smack talking" the competition), and the trivia challenge begins at 7:00 PM and will end at about 8:00 PM Eastern.

When you log in you will need the Room Name and the name you will be using (see rules on names below). Once the Live Stream starts you can log on to the Socrative application.  When you log on there will be one "primer" question that is not scored, this question will validate that you are logged in.  This will also ensure your app or browser is communicating with the Socrative servers.

Game Rules:

Trivia consists of between 4 and 10 rounds, with 10 questions per round.

Most questions are multiple-choice (or multiple guesses if you would rather), but we may also include true and false, and the dreaded fill in the blanks.  For the fill in the blank question, in most cases, correct spelling is not required – but the judges must be able to easily determine the answer.  This determination is made by each judge – so it is a judgment call.

Normally each question has only one correct answer.  You should select the best answer of those available, in some cases more than one answer may be correct.  In cases where more than one answer is correct, your task is to select the most correct answer.  Submitting more than one answer or general descriptions will be scored as incorrect. Those cases where more than one answer should be submitted will be visibly and vocally noted (those where there is more than one answer you should select)

Your answers will be captured using the Socrative application.  You are welcome to use Socrative in your favorite web browser or the Socrative mobile application, available in both the Apple and Google application stores.  The "control judge" will advance the questions synchronized with the Live Stream, however, there may be some delay between the live stream and the application, based on differences in speed across the Internet and different communications providers.  There is no bonus for answering the question first, only answering the question correctly.  Normally delays are less than 15 seconds, so you will be given at least 60 seconds to answer each question.  In cases where more time is required for submission, for example for fill in the blanks, more time will be provided.

Once the time for the question has elapsed the control judge will advance to the next question. once this occurs you will not be able to answer the question or change your answer.

It is expected that you will not use search engines to answer the questions, so we are asking you to follow the honor system here.

Correct answers will be announced after each question, other than the speed round.  In the speed round, response time will be shortened, and the answers will be provided at the end of the round on the Live Stream (the Socrative app will still display the correct answer after you submit your application)

If you feel your score is incorrect, notify the judge’s table as soon as possible.  The correct answer will be displayed as soon as you answer the question on the Socrative app, or in the web browser.

The Trivia emcee in consultation with the judges will have the final say on any disputed answers.

In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker question between all tied entrants will be used to determine the winner.

The number of awarded prizes depends on our Trivia attendance. We could award just one prize for the top-scoring entrant. We could also award First, Second, and Third place prizes when there are many entrants.

Based on attendance prizes will be awarded this could be one prize for the top-scoring entrant or First, Second, and Third place prizes.

Please do not provide answers in the chat stream, this will only help your competition

Tips to remember when you determine your name:

When logging into the Socrative application, you will be required to enter the room name in most cases this is CYBERRECON.  You will also enter a name that will be used to identify you in the game and for scoring.  You do not have to use your actual name but ask you to not use profanity, vulgarity, or derogatory terms.  If you use one of these – as determined by the judges – you will be removed from the game.  We hope this never happens.

It is our greatest desire that you have fun in this Trivia Challenge!

Most Important, HAVE FUN!!