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“One of the main cyber-risks is to think they don’t exist. The other is to try to treat all potential risks.
Fix the basics, protect first what matters for your business and be ready to react properly to pertinent threats. Think data, but also business services integrity, awareness, customer experience, compliance, and reputation.”

― Stephane Nappo

Outstanding Training

Cyber-Recon provides training materials and programs to some of the country’s most influential training organizations and institutions to help cybersecurity risk management students to acquire practical experience in the various areas of information security, information assurance, risk management and cloud computing security.  Students all learn differently, and for that reason, we use blended training methods that put students in lab-based, real-world situations using different modes of instruction and evaluation including traditional presentations and videos, hands-on exercises, assessments and games, and instructor hosted virtual learning sessions.

In addition to providing educational services to our partners, we offer blended, lab-based training programs to students directly throughout the year.  Subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date on our latest training program offerings.

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Professional Consulting

Cyber-Recon has provided cybersecurity and risk management services to organizations in both the private and public sectors.  In the public sectors, we have served the FBI, DOT, DoD, and members of the Intelligence Community. In the private sector, we have provided cybersecurity, risk management, and audit services to organizations in the financial and pharmaceutical services sectors.

The Cyber-Recon team specializes in helping its clients adopt and implement the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF), develop secure cloud-based solutions, implement successful audit programs, develop security and risk roadmaps and programs and other services.  Contact us today to see how our team of security professionals can help you and your organization.

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The RMF Lab is a comprehensive environment that allows students to learn the ins and outs of the risk management framework (RMF) is simulated organizational environment. The lab will introduce the students to each task in the six steps of the risk management framework.

Security Control Classes

This short video describes the changes to how control classes relate to the control families in NIST SP 800-53 Revision 4. It provides a bit of contrast between revision 3 and 4 and what options you, as a security professional, have when using classes.

Introduction to the POA&M

Introduction to the POA&M

In the short video the plan of action and milestones (POA&M) document is introduced and requirements established by the office of management and budget (OMB) explained. The POA&M is part of the required documents used to authorize a system or common control set under FISMA, FedRAMP, and is a critical part of the RMF.