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The training we offer is in depth and always expanding so we stay current with the dramatic changes always happening in the security field, so you have the greatest opportunity not only to become certified but also know the material.

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Our courses are based around the the most current industry best practices and standards, combined with over 30 years of practical experience!

Trivia Nights

Do you have what it takes to be crowned the king or queen of security knowledge? Join us for one of our many Trivia Nights and you can prove your security knowledge and may even win a prize! Click the crown for more information.

Our Most Popular Courses

The world continues to become more technology advanced relying more on computers and computing systems to function. Being trained in modern computer technology and security gives you the edge in ensuring you are ready for whatever comes next. Our courses prepare you for the future in the technology and security fields.

RMF 2.0 course

Risk Management Framework (RMF) 2.0 and CAP Prep Course

The RMF course provides security and risk professionals with a proven framework that ensures controls are built into systems as early as possible, reducing cost and increasing the speed of developing secure and compliant systems!

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Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Cyber-security professionals are in high demand today, and people with these skills will be sought after for the foreseeable future. In fact many researchers have determined that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cyber-security positions next year, yes 2021! Develop or expand your cyber skill set with training that will not only get your today's top certifications but also those skills that will ensure your career will be supercharged as you build on this training with relevant experience.

Jim Broad on a Boat
Mr. James Broad — Founder & CEO.

The Cyber-Security field is constantly changing.  It is important that security professionals are not only masters of traditional security principles,  but also are experts in current technologies and tools to stay at the top of the field.  We develop relevant course content that will ensure you have the relevant skills to compete in this complex and challenging field.

It is important to have the  certifications that prove your understanding of the Bodies of Knowledge (BOK) for different examination requirements.  It is more important to know how to actually apply these skills and knowledge in the field.  Our training not only gets you certification ready but prepares you for a career in the cyber-secuirty field.

Let’s face it, not everyone learns the same way, so we do not teach only one way.  Our training combines different modes of training so that we ensure we have the training that is right for everyone.  This includes videos, reading assignments, games, quizzes, hand outs, and practical (hands-on) exercises.  This ensure the content is in a format that meets each individuals learning style. 

Our training has been developed by professionals that have been in the security field for decades. This view of the field allows the training to be linked to real world examples the helps reenforce the subject matter.