About Us

cyber security, internet security, computer security

Our Philosophy

We want to train the next generation of cyber security professionals, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to secure information systems and protect them against hostile threats. We do this by preparing students to not only pass certification exams but to also be prepared to tackle work challenges in the field.

Our Story

After serving in the cyber security field for over 30 years Jim Broad recognized the lack of qualified cyber security professionals. He then founded Cyber-Recon, LLC to provide free and low cost training for people currently in the cyber security field and those trying to enter the field. He assembled a team of security and technology professionals to help him bring this vision to reality.

Meet the Team

Here you can learn a little bit about each of our team leaders and their credentials and contributions!

Emily Leinenbach

Security Analyst

Emily has been a tech monitor for our youtube series and has 1+ year in Cyber Security. She helped create our website and course layouts.

Mako Broad

Security Analyst

Mako has 5+ years of video editing experience and 1+ years of Cyber Security work. He assists with our class content.

Jimmy Buel

Security Analyst

Jimmy has been working with Cyber Security for 3+ years and was the editor of a top-selling RMF textbook. He is also one of our top course creators!

Next Steps…

Are you ready to start learning and training with us? Contact us with any questions you may have with the “contact us” button or if you’re ready just add your preferred courses to the cart, check out, and start learning!