Online Training

Through our programs we offer a multitude of different courses to help start or further your Cyber Security education! With such a rapidly growing field it is important that you get the education you need to achieve basic security certifications with ease!

Security Literature

Our program works with many different books and studies to make sure that you get the best class possible. All of the books we use reference from can also be purchased to help with those who work better with text books!

Security Swag

For those interested we have an amazing selection of Cyber-Recon swag for you to represent this awesome educational service! As well as things that may be useful to help you along your Security career!


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We’re dedicated to offering you the best!

Our founder and course leader James Broad has been in the Cyber and Security fields for 30 years! He has taught Security, Cyber, and Risk Management at the University of St. Louis for the last 5 years and at Baker College for the last 3. With his extensive knowledge in the field and his team here at Cyber-Recon, we feel that we can give you the education you want to stream line your career in the Security field.


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Our Online Courses are like no other!

Here at Cyber-Recon we know that everyone learns differently! Some take their time with classes, others need quizzes to help retain information, and there are those who like flashcards and other classic forms of learning to assist in their pursuit of knowledge. So we’ve worked hard to be able to have courses and tools that suit any aspiring Security student.


Interested in starting your Education?…

Explore our website and available courses for summaries of objectives and course topics and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have before making this life changing commitment with the “Contact Us” button!